Hi! I'm Michael, a third-year PhD student in AI and Computer Graphics in the VECG Group at University College London. I am working with Tobias Ritschel and Niloy Mitra to research deep and efficient representations of high-fidelity graphic assets. Currently, my research focuses on intelligent optimization, appearance decompositions and meta-learning.

I received my B.Sc. in Aerospace Information Technology from the University of Wuerzburg, under the supervision of Sergio Montenegro. Subsequently, I completed my M.Sc. in Computer Science with focus on intelligent systems as a honors student and have been working with Konstantin Kobs and Andreas Hotho. I spent a summer at MBDA Germany, where I worked on reinforcement-learning based swarm control, and a semester abroad at UDG in Guadalajara, Mexico. I will be joining the Neural / Inverse Rendering team at Meta Reality Labs in Seattle for a summer internship in 2023 - hit me up if you're in the area!

My hobbies include travelling, climbing, cooking and making music! Feel free to check out my social media - links are provided to the left of this page.